Thursday, 17 December 2009


Back slightly sooner than expected! But with the New Year soon to arrive on our door step I thought it more appropriate to bring this particular blog forward and mark both the Anniversary of Leonard Stringfield's death (18th December 1994) and the standards that he adhered to throughout his research and investgative career in the field of Ufology.

Leonard maintained the highest historical and forensic standards in his research, and shared much of his most critical work with other researchers whom he deemed trustworthy and professional in their approach to the UFO subject.

In addition Leonard also emphasized certain ethical priorities that we should always strive to achieve and maintain:

1) Never violate the promise made to a witness to protect his/her identity from public disclosure.

2) Stand for the highest quality of work and research. Do not become complacent with the media, or with people who substitute their own belief systems for genuine research.

3) Maintain meticulous, organized research notes that can be passed along to the next generation of researchers.

Leonard placed considerable faith in his sources, whilst maintaining their anonymity - with this in mind the Penkridge Incident was clearly deemed worthy enough to have been included within the pages of his Status Report Series. Stringfield, a former US intelligence Officer himself had clearly believed there was an element of truth in this story and that the small town of Penkridge, South Staffordshire did indeed play host a extrordinary event wayback in 1964.


Extracts (Italics) taken from the thoughts of Forensic artist Bill McDonald who talked extensively with Leonard Stringfield in the last week of his life.




  1. Interestingly I received a facebook contact from Marcia Wietlisbach form Cincinatti who is a relation of the late Leonard Stringfield.