Sunday, 28 February 2010

From Penkridge to Porton - Wiltshire?

Bruce George, chairman of the Commons Defence Committee, said it would be "misleading" to say the parliamentary committee knew everything that was going on at the Porton Down base in Wiltshire and that "It's too big for us to know, and, secondly, there are many things happening there that I'm not even certain ministers are fully aware of, let alone parliamentarians."

Whilst spending a quite a Sunday afternoon, perusing the internet. I thought it would be interesting to see how much information could actually be found on line with regards to Leonard Stringfield's Penkridge Mystery.

Heres an interesting notation I found from the link below:

I'm not quite sure where the idea originated, while so little information pertains to the alleged Retrieval Operation at Penkridge and since consideration had already been given to Porton Down for being the recipient of the alleged Crash Retrieval from the Berwyn Mountains episode. Was this a little extra tagged on to enhance the mystery?   

Alternatively the Link below places the final resting place of said object firmly back at Wright Patterson Air Force Base - United States:

Again its unclear whether this originates with Stringfield's source or is another added refinement to embellish the story.

If anybody can elaborate on these articles, although a little dated now. Please let me know.



  1. Steve:

    Very interesting! Bear in mind too that Harold South said that when his camera was returned to him the package was post-marked Melksham, which isn't exactly a millions miles from either Porton or Rudloe.


  2. Its certainly an interesting supposition and Porton could be considered as the likely candidate for a repository, especially if the object were considered to be space debris from a foreign power. Also Melksham still offers an interesting possibility to conceal an object during its closure period with Aircraft being dismantled and transported its arrival would not attract any undue attention.

  3. Rather than Porton Down (where I worked in the late 60s) I would have thought Boscombe Down - just across the valley - would have been a better place for a crashed "aircraft". I don't think Porton had the facilities to handle such a thing.

  4. Thanks for the comment,(intrigued you worked at Porton). Boscombe Down would be a logical choice for a Downed Aircraft, and its a good point as to whether Porton would have indeed been able to accommodate a recovered Aircraft.
    Although speculation, there could be other factors that might have warranted moving whatever was recovered to Porton for examination. Perhaps the Object was only partially intact, along with a possible fear of contamination. Might not this have dictated its destination?


  6. Thanks for the reference!