Monday, 16 November 2009

The Riddle of Penkridge

This particular Blog's more of a timely reminder as to why if at all pursue or indeed continue research into what most people would undoubtedly call the Incident that never was, because in essence there is little or nothing to suggest that anything out of the ordinary ever happened along the New Penkridge Road back in 1964 save the testimony of one individual whose recollection of events only emerged following an article that was published in the Burntwood Post back in 1996. Its not the intention of this Blog to question the veracity of this eye witness account but merely to place it alongside the undeniable absence of further testimony, which is so badly needed to propel this story from its otherwise virtual obscurity.

While Harold South's testimony lends, albeit unverified credence to Leonard Stringfield's account there is however the recorded account of two other independant eyewitnesses to an event that whilst not providing a direct link to Penkridge itself. Nevertheless paints a more disturbing picture that sits rather neatly between South's time frame of events and Stringfield's Unidentified Object...

The following notations are derived from the chapter UFO Down (Cosmic Crashes - Nick Redfern) and originates from the Public Records Office.

19th March 1964
Captain E D Morrison pilot of a London bound Boeing Clipper Jet en route from New York and Captain R A Botthos, a DC-8 pilot independent of Capt Morrison, two hundred miles from Lands End, at an altitude of 29.000 feet. Both pilots witnessed something entering the Earths atmosphere. Captain Botthos reported the object as travelling on a north to south trajectory - explode in a large flash with trailing columns of smoke.

It woke up the sky in a great white flash, observation quote: it was not a natural phenomena.
Captain Morrison
AIR 2/17526 Public Record Office file.




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