Tuesday, 23 June 2009


I found it really strange. Almost difficult to write the opening sentence to this blog and whilst time appears to have moved on so rapidly, this year seems to have raced on ahead without me!
Although I started the year with good intentions, unfortunately the last few months have been tinged with a great sadness and having taken time out from work it really does feel like I've now just stepped back into the world from a place where time as stood still for me.


I recently filed a number of requests through the forestry commission on Cannock Chase and the local authority regarding Road Closures in and around the area during the period in question. While I have received a holding reply it appears that it is going to take some time to locate the information i have requested. This may hopefully afford a greater insight into the events of 1964 although having said that I have a feeling this maybe a long drawn out tedious process with further requests being made, with so little information regarding the Penkridge Incident readily available this line of research I feel should at least unearth some form of tangible evidence that otherwise continues to point towards a non existent event.

RAF Penkridge as unfortunately yielded little results at present beyond its operational value during the Second World War. I will be looking at Pillaton Farm in the near future.
Finally reading through an interesting article recently a thought had occurred to me with regards to Leonard Stringfield's original story, while speculation, sceptics often subscribe to Occam's Razor when dealing with the subject of UFO's and if the latter is true of the Penkridge Incident are we actually looking at a Cold War episode which as quite literally remained hidden from us all these years?

This article will appear in a future blog.


  1. A pleasure to read as always - i did write a long comment but it disappeared. Will have to wait till the mood takes me again.

    Sorry to hear about your difficult year, I hope things pick up.

    Keep in touch.

  2. Thanks! Hopefully my zest for writing will return to me shortly with a renewed lease of life, although far from being an aspiring writer just lately I've made myself a promise to make at least one post to my blog each week.
    So in between updates I will be posting my thoughts on different aspects of the Penkridge Incident.

  3. For me it’s the quality of your posts that stands out. The standard of your writing and research is good. I think it’ll stand the test of time, and is widely accessible through Google. You never know, some who knows something might one day stumble over the website and pass on some useful info.
    Am looking forward to finding out what the Forestry Commission has to say, Staffordshire Police had exactly nothing on the subject of a road block – well nothing that they could find in their archive.
    I was wondering whether it might be worth getting back in touch with Graham Allen again to see whether he might be prepared to tell us what he knows on the subject, and to point us in the direction of their research files http://www.weird-world.com/sufog/contact.php . I’ll give it some thought. Am going down with a cold or worse, and not feeling particularly good at the moment.

  4. Hi Ian, Your comments as always are much appreciated. Yes hopefully the site will stand the test of time and reach a wider audience along a few sceptics no doubt who might not be so complimentary!
    I'm due to speak with somebody from the Forestry Commission re: Cannock Chase this week,
    so i really need to be clear & precise on what it is I' am looking for in their work records.
    I've bounced back a request regarding a Road Closure for the New Penkridge Road, although don't get to excited its not for the period in question but it will appear on one of my Blogs in the immediate future.
    Although we spoke about Graham Allen before I really feel at this moment in time a indepth Knowledge of the area be researched with as much information gleaned as possible to build a database on the incident & then cross referenced with other reseachers in the future.
    Hope your Colds only a relatively Minor One!!!
    Cheers! Steve