Sunday, 8 March 2009

Stringfield & UFO Investigators

Whilst recently thumbing through Nick Redfern's "Saucer Spies" Book, published back in 2006. Chapter 14, entitled "British Roswell" re-iterates Nick's interview (along with Irene Bott of the Staffordshire UFO Group) with Harold South in 1996, whose eyewitness testimony into an alleged road block along the New Penkridge Road in 1964. Involved the retrieval of an unidentified object from a field, an incident, which apparently continued to prompt the attention of the authorities over thirty years later in the form of a sinister phone call to the witness prior to his meeting with Redfern.

While these events are fairly well established, Nick interestingly adds a foot note to this chapter in the form of a declassified file from the Ministry of Defence dated 1966 relating to a enquiry by an American UFO researcher named Robert S Suter, on the 27th April, Suter had apparently contacted the MOD with regards to a persistent rumor in the United States that a UFO had been "shot down" over the UK several years prior, which allegedly contained the remains of a "Once living organism" rather unsurprisingly the MOD replied that they were unaware of any such occurrence, effectively bringing Mr Suter's enquiry to a close.

What's interesting here is not so much the possibility of a link to verify the claims made by Leonard Stringfield's source but that the rumor itself might well indeed originate with the very same source. If so, does this compromise the integrity of his source? Did "S M Brannigan" confide in other UFO researchers before or during is association with Leonard Stringfield?

Has I have said on a previous occasion, the notion that Stringfield may have been the target of a carefully orchestrated deception, may be purely conjecture although it is not beyond the realms of possibility. Its unclear exactly when "Brannigan" first disseminated his story, whether to Stringfield alone or others within the UFO community. There are slight differences in these accounts and Stringfield may well have been the first to publicize this storyline.

But was he the only recipient of this strange tale?

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