Sunday, 1 March 2009

Penkridge Incident 1964

This story is based on the account of one S M Brannigan, a former third class petty officer with the US Navy, stationed aboard a “spy ship” as part of a naval amphibious force at an undisclosed location in either the Caribbean or the Atlantic.
Brannigan’s primary task was the translation of intercepted Soviet military transmissions, during which he recalled one particular instance when decoding a message received at the ships ‘crypto-machine room`.
The intercepted transmission related to a Unidentified object over-flying Europe
Which, for unknown reasons had malfunctioned and plummeted to Earth breaking into two parts upon its descent the main section of the object crashed at Penkridge, Staffordshire, while the remains hurtled onwards impacting somewhere in West Germany…
Further to Brannigan’s story it was alleged that US Air Force Intelligence were present at the retrieval of, not just the downed UFO, but it’s additional three dead occupants who were also recovered in conjunction with NATO forces.
Stringfield (a former US Air Force Intelligence officer himself) was often criticised for not revealing his source of information, thus leaving the incident to remain obscure and unverified over the years until it resurfaced in Nicholas Redfern’s book “Cosmic Crashes” published in 1999 were it came to the authors attention via a colleague after it reappeared on a internet bulletin board in the United States.
In addition Redfern presented in his book a remarkable eye witness testimony to the alleged recovery operation in February/March 1964 who claimed he encountered a roadblock, and was forced to turnaround and leave the area, the witness however returned on foot to photograph the event but later had his camera confiscated.
Even so the incident once again lacks corroboration from other much needed sources, while the idea that a retrieval operation of such enormity could be carried out in secrecy remains highly contentious, is there any element of truth in this story?.

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