Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Midlands & Black Country... Talk Penkridge Mystery!

More by accident than design I came across this thread on the Black Country Gob Forum - oddly entitled  "Cannock Chase Werewolf" it features a rather interesting comment which relates to another eye witness testimony regarding the Penkridge UFO complete with a visit from the "Authorities Responsible for Sightings" here's the link below:

Elsewhere I have to thank Ian Anderson for drawing my attention to the following Link of another forum, this time at the Midlands Heritage site with Links & References to yours truly! Its kinda strange seeing people cross reference your own blog in discussion!


  1. Good spot - any possibility of getting in touch for more information?

  2. A very late reply! There appears to be no further updates from this site regarding the comments made. but it does echo the belief that any witnesses to the alleged event in 1964 have long since left the area.
    Such was the case of the alleged Fireman mentioned in the SUFOG investigation reportedly living in Bristol.