Thursday, 7 January 2010

Penkridge. 2010

The New Year has well and truly left its mark with the arrival of an extremely cold weather spell, whilst it also denotes the start of that quite period at the beginning of each year where new objectives are set, with targets to be achieved and as always a time to start opening new doors... 

Moving forward 2010 will certainly mark a step in the right direction for this Blog, not just in its cosmetic appearance but more importantly in its content, whether for or against the Penkridge Mystery of 1964.

Why the change in title? I felt for sometime that despite Leonard Stringfield's highest regard for his source's testimony, the Dictionary defines an incident as "something that happens" this unfortunately as yet to be realised even with Harold South's testimony.

Whats New?

In addition to introducing some (pending) original Artwork in the Blog, later this year will see the introduction of another UFO case, which allegedly occured on Cannock Chase ten years after the Penkridge Mystery of 64. The intention is to advance and run both of these cases alongside each other since in many respects they overlap in area's of research.

This year will also see the search for Harold South commence in earnest, originally I had not intended to pursue this line of research in the belief that other sources would eventually be found that would either confirm or deny his story. Whilst I have not given up this line of reasoning, metaphorically speaking the ghost of Harold South needs to be placed in a much stronger position or ultimately laid to rest.

Leonard Stringfield's original story forms the corner stone of the Penkridge Mystery and as such holds the key. Although I've said before I have believed the story to have been in circulation much earlier than the 1991 Status Report, this line of reasoning stems from an early recollection of a book reading, quite possibly within the pages of the long forgotten Flying Saucer Review? I honestly cannot say, what I do know is the story has always stayed with me and remains one of the driving forces behind this blog.

Whilst I will not tempt fate with a New Years Resoultion. Might a prediction of Answers in 2010 be considered as worthy of a place in Whitaker's Almanack?