Sunday, 1 March 2009

Poppy over Penkridge?

Purely a theoretical line of thought, but I'm sure its not gone unnoticed that way back in 1962 the then fledgling National Reconnaissance Office launched a series of Highly Classified Satellites between 1962 - 1971. These highly sophisticated Spy Satellites were placed in orbit to monitor Soviet ground and Ocean Radar Ships. Code named Poppy (No 3) was launched on the 11th January 1964. Could one of these have malfunctioned and is this what the Russians were tracking?
Since Stringfield's Source had stated that the intercepted transmission refer-ed to the Russians tracking a Unidentified Object at high altitude. With the USSR's Space Tracking capability comprised primarily of sea faring vessels its not unreasonable to assume the Soviets were monitoring and tracking Satellites in orbit whilst being under scrutiny themselves.
At the height of the Cold War secrecy was at its utmost, however one aspect of this story throws doubt on its authenticity, would the Petty Officer on the Spy Ship really have been privy to the alleged retrieval operation details which resulted from the intercepted transmission? Gathering Intel is one thing, Compartmentalisation is another unless of course it was a dis-infomation exercise.

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