Tuesday, 10 March 2009

PC Robert Bull, Fact or Fiction?

There is an element of truth in the old saying "The Devil makes work for idle hands". Whilst it is true that my hands have recently been turning the pages of Nick Redfern's Book "Cosmic Crashes" it is actually my thoughts that are more likely the recipient of the Devil's mischief.

A healthy dose of scepticism should always be present when considering the subject of Extraterrestrial visitation, even more so when the nature of the research involves the alleged retrieval of a unidentified object from a field near Penkridge, Staffordshire thirty five years ago.

Even so, I still feel something of a complete ogre when in the company of Harold South's testimony, which on the face of it, is quite remarkable indeed, although in order to view Mr South's testimony fairly, objectively and impartially any thoughts presented here are little more than supposition based on a modicum of research, knowledge of the local area combined with a devilish desire to test the veracity of this eyewitness account.

One aspect of the storyline that niggled away at me when I first read "Cosmic Crashes" was the detailed account given at Bloxwich Police Station, South's testimony describes his interview at the station in the presence of three people... "A Police Inspector... Reid, PC Robert Bull and a female plain clothes person taking notes" aside from the assertion that the Police Constable was the shortest officer he had ever seen and that no other observations (at least not referenced in the book) were made of either the Police Inspector or the female note taker, PC Robert Bull actually as another distinction.... his name.

Throughout the interview a number of reasonable assumptions can be made, in the first instance its not unreasonable to assume that "Reid" is conducting the interview with the "female plain clothes person taking notes" whilst presumably "PC Robert Bull" remains in the background.

A further assumption can be made that upon entering the room, formal introductions are made, here however the roles are reversed. Both "Reid" and the "female note taker" are relegated to the background in-so-far that they're only partially identified (despite "Reid" leading the conversation) while on the other hand "PC Robert Bull" is fully identified, yet his role throughout the interview is unspecified.

Before I let the Devil cast my idle aspersions, It as to be said that South's reference to "PC Bull's" stature offers a plausible reason as to why this officer should stand out in his recollection of events, although the name still niggles away at me, because down the road, just a stones throw from Bloxwich Police Station resides two Public Houses... Sir Robert Peel & The Bulls Head.
Before its closure the Bulls Head in its heyday, if my memory serves me correctly was a haunt favoured by Bikers.
Whilst not quite the last word on the subject and as point of reference this could well be a mere coincidence and therefore my observation should not be seen as a attempt to ridicule or dismiss this eye witness account.

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